In addition to improving your mental and emotional well-being, recent studies have suggested that there are physical benefits to journaling. A wellness journal, or healing journal, can be very beneficial to anyone facing a serious illness.

People who are dealing with a serious illness often find it difficult to express their feelings to others. Many times they want to appear strong for the sake of their loved ones and those around them. Keeping those emotions bottled up can increase stress and have a direct impact on the body.

If you are fighting a serious illness, journaling in a wellness journal will allow you to come to terms with your illness and empower you to express those difficult feelings in a safe and private way.

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Listed below are some journal writing tips:

  • Only write when you feel up to it. Don’t put any demands on yourself about when, how often, or how long you should write.

  • Find a comfortable area to journal that is free from interruptions. You may not need much time to make your entry in the journal, but it should have your full attention when you do.

  • Don’t stop writing if it is making you emotional – write through your tears or anger.

  • Don’t worry about your grammar, spelling, or use of punctuation. Just let your feelings and thoughts flow onto the paper.

  • Don’t force yourself to journal if you don’t feel like journaling. An option when you feel this way is to dedicate some pages to sketching, meaningful quotes, or inserting special photographs into some of the pages.

Journaling can make it possible to put your illness in perspective. By writing in your journal, you will see that your illness is only a part of you, not who you are.

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