Weight Loss Journal

Maintaining a weight loss journal, sometimes called a nutrition journal or diet journal, can help you stay motivated and is an excellent way to help you adhere to a weight loss program.

Your journal should include a record of the food you eat, exercises you carry out and the weight you lose.

Your weight loss journal should start off with an outline of the weight you aim to achieve. Do not aim for an unrealistic target. Start off small and use that as your benchmark.

As well as listing your targeted weight, your journal should be based on a healthy diet and exercise plan.

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Basic Things You Should Write:

  • the meals or snacks you eat throughout the day

  • the amount of calories contained in the food you consume

  • the quantity of water your drink on a daily basis

  • a record of your weekly or daily weight

  • the type and duration of exercises you perform

  • calories expended during your exercise

Other things you may choose to write in your journal are:

Your Emotions

When you are trying to lose weight and stick to a diet and exercise plan, you may experience all types of emotions and thoughts. There will be times when you will be proud of yourself, and possibly times when you feel like giving up. Both of these types of feelings and thoughts can help you stay focused if channelled in the right way, so write them down and use them as a reference as you progress with your weight loss program.

You may also want to note times when your resolve is at its weakest, or any emotional eating you experience. This way, you can proactively prepare for those times and stay on track.

Your Inspiration

Write down or paste photos or clippings of what inspired you to start your weight loss plan, or anything that inspires you to continue it when the going gets tough.

Any of the following can be helpful:

  • Motivational quotes Before and after pictures of yourself

  • How you will feel once you reach your ideal weight

  • Articles about the benefits of losing weight, good health, or fitness

  • Others' success stories
  • Comments from people who have noticed any weight loss changes in you

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