Using A Vision Board

Using a vision board is a very effective way to begin manifesting what we want in life through visualization. We activate the Law of Attraction, which states that we attract into our lives anything to which we give our attention.

When using a vision board, it helps us to focus on and display the images of our dreams, goals and desires, which in turn helps us to clearly maintain our mental pictures of the positive things we want to bring into our lives.

Our subconscious mind controls our entire conscious mind and body, including our emotions and our health. When we display our dreams and desires visually like this, the images are impressed onto our subconscious mind. Any subconscious reminder of our goals that we see repeatedly will further reinforce our intent to the universe.

Along with photos, we can further enhance the effectiveness when using a vision board by using written affirmations and inspirational quotes . When we then apply positive emotions to our photos, affirmations and inspirational quotes, our subconscious mind sees these images and affirmations as real.

If we perceive ourselves having achieved a goal or dream in our subconscious, the Law of Attraction will attract that image into our lives.

We must be sure to feel excited about what we have coming to us. As Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and contributor author of The Secret said, “although thoughts are powerful, the feelings that the thoughts generate are what actually attract things into our lives”.

Traditional Method

A traditional vision board, also called a goal board, dream board, or mind mapping, is created by cutting out images or words from various sources, including magazines, books, or the internet, and affixing them onto a cork board or into an album or book to create a visual representation, or collage.

Displaying our images on a board or in a book creates a bridge between our thoughts and the reality of what we want to achieve by utilizing a tangible board or book we can actually see and touch.

Online or Virtual Method

With online or virtual methods, we can create representations of the things that we want to have, be, or do in our life directly on the internet.

With this online method, we often have the opportunity to add multi-sensory tools such as audio or music to enhance and super-charge our thoughts. The audio or music helps channel our thoughts into an ideal mental state for laser focused visualization.

Online Vision Board I recommend is an effective and inspiring online vision board creation site that I highly recommend.

There are other online visualization boards you can use on the internet, but none impressed me like this one did. It makes creating and using a vision board a piece of cake.

This online tool will help you to achieve your goals and dreams faster and more easily than you imagined possible.

I like the fact that you can create an on-line vision board without downloading any software. That makes using a vision board less complicated. Another great feature is the ability to create up to 5 boards!

Here are some great features included when you create your boards:

• You can choose from a variety of music to play when you view your vision board (or you can upload your own MP3 music)

• You have a choice of 1000’s of photos to use from the archives or you can even upload your own photos

• There are a variety of inspirational messages and affirmations to add to your board or you can create your own

• Once you create your vision board(s), you just click on an icon and you can view your board as a Flash movie or in an html Power Point like format.

• Editing and updating your vision board is as easy as point and click

• You can view your vision board from any computer that has an internet connection

• You can share your board with a friend (if you so desire)

Click on the box below to learn how you can begin creating your own on-line vision board.

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