What Is The Secret?

There are many law of attraction books on bookshelves, but The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne has quickly become a best selling self help book read around the world. Readers have quickly snatched every copy in most bookstores, as it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

No doubt you have heard talk in your neighborhood about this book, or watched Oprah, Larry King, or Ellen DeGeneres discussing it on their shows.

The Secret has been made available both in book form and on DVD. There are over four million copies of the book in print, and two million DVDs have been sold.

Amazon now has other versions of the book available, including The Secret Gratitude Book, by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret: The Power, also by Rhonda Byrne, as well as The Secret Daily Teachings.

Amazon carries all of these amazing books in paperback and hardback, as well as DVD's, if you prefer to watch.

Amazon also often offers instant downloads, for those of us who are less than patient with getting our book or movie in the mail. I have read the book as well as watched the DVD. I found them both to be equally captivating.

Learn the Life-Changing Secrets of the most successful, richest, happiest people in the world!

The Objective Of The Secret

The objective of The Secret is to share the message that anyone can use the law of attraction to attract anything they want in life, and live an extraordinary life. The reader is provided with practical examples of the law of attraction.

The various contributing authors of The Secret book explain how to apply the law of attraction through their stories and experience. The book uncovers the secret to their success in life, love, and work.

The Secret demonstrates how the law of attraction applies to relationships, health, money, success, and life in general.

Experts in the fields of medicine, finance, business, psychology, and philosophy contributed to the book. These experts are all extremely successful in their fields, and use the law of attraction in their lives.

The Contributing Authors

Here is more information on each of the authors involved in the making of The Secret.

* Bob Proctor – Bob Proctor is a philosopher, author, and personal coach. He has worked in the area of mind potential for more than 40 years. Bob actually believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the "11 Forgotten Laws". Click to read more about the 11 Forgotten Laws.

* Rhonda Byrne - The creator and author of The Secret. Reading a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles set the stage for her research into the law of attraction. She combined her thirst for knowledge and experience in television to create the hugely successful book.

* Jack Canfield – If you have heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, then you know Jack Canfield. Jack Canfield is the author of this popular series of books, as well as a life coach and motivational speaker.

* Mike Dooley – Mike Dooley is author of a number of books, including Notes From The Universe. Mr. Dooley co-founded a retail and wholesale website with its own line of inspirational gifts, and transformed it into a web-based inspirational and philosophical Adventurers Club, called Totally Unique Thoughts, or TUT.
* Bob Doyle – Bob Doyle focuses on the science of the law of attraction, and is the creator and facilitator of a program called Boundless Living, which he created to demystify the law of attraction, eliminate all blocks to success, and in short order, give you the ability to unleash your full potential.

* Dr. Joe Vitale – Metaphysician Joe Vitale is a world renowned author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has authored top selling books such as The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits. He is a prominent figure in the world of personal and business success and marketing.

* Hale Dwoskin – Author of The Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin works to help free people of limiting beliefs. Mr. Dwoskin has been teaching The Sedona Method to businesses and individuals around the world for the past 30 years.

* Morris Goodman – After recovering from a horrific plane crash, Morris Goodman was dubbed, “The Miracle Man”. He was told by doctors that he would never walk, talk, or function in a normal capacity again, and today he travels extensively, sharing his inspiring and uplifting story.

* Dr. John Gray – Dr. Gray is the well-known author of the popular book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which sold over 30 million copies. He has also authored 14 other best selling books.

* Dr. John Hagelin – Dr. John Hagelin is the author of Manual for a Perfect Government. Hagelin was awarded the prestigious Kilby Award, which recognizes scientists who have made major contributions to society.

* Bill Harris – Professional speaker, teacher, and business owner, Bill Harris has studied ancient and modern research about the nature of the mind and transformational techniques. He is the creator of Holosync, an audio technology to benefit deep meditation.

* Dr. Ben Johnson – Dr. Johnson runs The Healing Codes Company with Dr. Alex Lloyd. Their company distributes the teachings of this form of healing, known as The Healing Codes, which was discovered by Dr. Lloyd.

* Lisa Nichols – Lisa Nichols is a personal empowerment advocate. She is the founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses and Motivating the Teen Spirit, and is also a co-author of the best-selling worldwide series, Chicken Soup for the African American Soul.

* David Schirmer – David Schirmer owns a company called Trading Edge, which teaches people how to create unlimited income by developing a mindset that is conducive to wealth. He is well known as a highly successful share trader and investor as well as investment trainer.

* Marci Shimoff – Marci Shimoff teaches personal development and happiness, and is especially geared toward enhancing women’s lives. She is co-founder and president of The Esteem Group and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul.

* Dr. Fred Alan Wolf – Dr. Wolf has a doctorate in theoretical physics, has taught at universities around the world, and is well known through his writing about quantum physics and consciousness.

* Dr. John F. DeMartini – Philosopher, behavioral expert, speaker and author, Dr. DeMartini is a leader in the professional and personal development industries. He writes and speaks on the subjects of healing and philosophy.

* Loral Langemeier – Loral Langemeier is a financial strategist who has helped thousands of people master their finances. Her books have hit the bestseller lists. She understands how the law of attraction can bring anyone more money, and she is the founder of Live Out Loud, which provides financial education and support to help people reach their monetary goals.

* John Assaraf – As an entrepreneur and moneymaking expert, John Assaraf has dedicated the last 25 years to research of the human brain, quantum physics, and business strategies relating to achievement of success in business and life.

* Dr. Denis Waitley – Psychologist and trainer in the field of mind potential, Dr. Waitley is one of America’s most respected authors, lecturers and consultants on high-performance human achievement.

* Neale Donald Walsch – Neale Donald Walsch is a modern-day spiritual messenger with 22 published books, including the bestselling Conversations with God series, as well as many video and audio programs.

* Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith – Visionary and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, Dr. Beckwith teaches meditation and scientific prayer. He is the author of Inspirations of the Heart and A Manifesto of Peace, among other popular books.

* Lee Brower – Lee Brower is the founder and CEO of an international consulting firm called Empowered Wealth. He has also authored The Brower Quadrant, and co-authored the book Wealth Enhancement And Preservation.

* Marie Diamond – Marie Diamond is a Feng Shui master who is known internationally. She has been practicing Feng Shui for over 20 years, and has advised many Hollywood celebrities, music giants, famous authors, and more.

* James Ray – James Ray has studied the principles of wealth and prosperity his entire life, and also contributed to the book.

You can reach The Secret website at www.thesecret.tv to learn more.

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