Setting And Achieving Goals

Have you ever set a goal and then failed to achieve it? Like most people discover, setting and achieving goals is not as easy as simply setting the goal and writing it down.

The fact is, it is quite common for people to get stuck in a vicious cycle of setting goals and then giving up on their goals soon afterwards – and accomplishing nothing at all.

Why is this? One of the biggest reasons is a lack of commitment to their goal. Without commitment, a goal will gradually lose its value of importance, and then it's quite easy to simply quit. This is particularly true when those all too familiar stumbling blocks get in the way.

On the other hand, if you make a serious vow to complete your goal, and then remind yourself of it on a regular basis, you’ll be much more likely to both set AND achieve your goals.

How To's For Setting And Achieving Goals:

    1) Make The Goal Vitally Important To You

    First and foremost, you need to make sure that every goal you set is of VITAL importance to you. This can be challenging since we quite often fool ourselves into believing we want one thing when we want something completely different. Make sure to take your time with this part of the process, and be sure that you get to the heart of what you really want. Ask yourself why you want it. What will it do for you? What positive things will it bring to your life? How will it be advantageous to you? How will you feel when it’s achieved?

    Try writing all of these questions down and keep it close so you can refer to it as often as necessary if you feel your commitment to achieving your goals beginning to slip.

    Also ask yourself if your goal is worth the energy and sacrifice that you will need to give it in order to achieve it. If you can honestly answer yes, you are on the way!

    2) Think about the consequences to not following through and achieving your goal

    What are the consequences if you don’t ACTUALLY achieve your goal? If your answers is, not much, then you need to raise the stakes! You have to make your goal the most important thing in the world, and if you don’t achieve it, you’ll deal with negative consequences.

    3) Renew your pledge in achieving your goal

    Each and every day, renew your pledge to achieving your goal. It’s easy to be committed when your goal is new and your motivation is strong, but you need to be able to STAY committed – no matter what! Each day when you wake up, read through the goal you wrote down on the first day, and stress to yourself again how vitally important it is to you. Make a promise to yourself that you will do as much as possible to work on your goal that day, and every day that follows, until you achieve it.

When it comes right down to it, no one can achieve your goals for you. If you want to achieve them, you must find the determination necessary to keep moving. Lack of activity and procrastination are usually nothing more than bad habits. Turning those habits into more positive and productive ones is as simple as taking it a day at a time and making your best effort to change your life.

The more firm you feel about making your goal happen, the more likely you will not just set a goal, but follow through and achieve it

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