Self Discovery Journal

A self discovery journal is an important tool for expressing emotions of love, happiness, peace and fulfilment, as well as outlining feelings of anger, anxiety, resentment or depression and stress in your life.

The entries you make in your self discovery journal can highlight a pattern of behavior to help you discover who you are on a deeper level, and help you better understand your life. It is a great method for understanding your behaviour, and to begin to get better control of your life.

Additionally, it will help you heal old wounds that may be unconsciously holding you back in your life. Writing regularly in your self-discovery journal can provide you a foundation for problem-solving and decision making.

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What To Write

Daily or even weekly, write about your most prevalent feelings, thoughts and the events, both good and bad, that have occurred in your daily life. Don’t leave anything out, no matter how small it may appear, if it has a direct bearing on your life.

As you write in your self discovery journal, it is possible you will realize things about yourself or those people connected to you that are painful. You may become emotional, but don’t fight the tears if they come. This is an important part of your self-discovery.

Writing Guideline

    1. Be spontaneous and let your thoughts flow freely. Don’t be afraid to write down what you feel deep down, and refrain from self-judgment, as it will hold you back from expressing your inner thoughts and feelings.

    2. Think of what is most important to you and what it has brought into your life.

    3. As part of the healing process, you may want to write down your goodbyes to the people, places or things that no longer play a part of your life.

    4. Note how you feel both emotionally and physically.

    5. Don't pay attention to grammar or spelling, as what you write down is for you and only you. It is purely up to you if you choose to open the journal to other people.

    6. Remember that what you write down is neither right nor wrong, but is simply what you are thinking or feeling. You will be able to look at it objectively when you are reading the journal, which will help you understand everything in a larger context.

Getting Started

As a guideline to expressing your emotions and thoughts, you may want to use the following phrases:

  • I am eager to …
  • I doubt myself when …
  • I feel powerful when …
  • I can simplify my life by living without …
  • I feel my mission in life is to …
  • I'm proud of myself because …
  • I believe in myself because …
  • I am most grateful for …
  • In my wildest dreams, I …
  • My 10 favorite things are …
  • The things I dislike most are …

    Most importantly, keep in mind that no matter whether you think your feelings and thoughts are right or wrong, you have a right to them. Once you acknowledge that right, they should flow more easily onto your journal.

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