Sample Success Story

There was a young woman named Marie. As an only child, her parents encouraged her to be active in and out of school. She played several musical instruments, and was involved in dance and gymnastics. Even though she was doing her best in school, she didn’t do as well as her parents had hoped.

Everything seemed fine until Marie turned 12. At that point, even though her parents tried to hide it from her, she heard her parents argue more and more as time went on. Shortly after her thirteenth birthday, Marie’s parents’ divorce was finalized. She was devastated and her personal identity was deeply shaken.

At first Marie thought her parents divorce was her fault, because she wasn’t doing well in school, but as the young Marie grew up, she realized that she cannot carry the burden of her parents’ choices anymore.

Marie learned to forgive her parents and made the commitment to herself to excel in both her career and personal life. The strength and resolve Marie acquired over the years, opened doors full of incredible opportunities.

She graduated at the top of her class in law school and was hired by the largest law firm in New York. Within 10 years, Marie became a partner in the firm.

Marie remembered her firm commitment to excellence in all areas of her life, so she waited patiently to find her true soulmate. She knew what she wanted and would wait until the man of her dreams entered into her life. Just before becoming a partner in the law firm, Marie took a chance on love and began dating Dan, a college professor.

Marie overcame her fears from her past and stepped beyond her self-doubts. After dating for a year, she became engaged.

Even with all the challenges that life threw her way, Marie was living her dream! She now enjoys a successful career, a loving husband, and 2 beautiful children.


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