Releasing my Feelings in Meditation

by Rose Tol
(Perth, Australia)

Every Morning and Evening I take half an hour to meditate.
I start the meditation with a Rock 'n Roll, dancy kind of song. I move my body the way it wants to move and I have my best friend in my hand - a hand towel. When I feel emotions like frustration, worry, irritation, fear, anxiety, anger etc. I feel them and then scream them out in my little hand towel. The dancing helps to bring them up and then out they go into the towel.

Then when I feel ready I calm the music down and calm my feelings, calm my emotions, calm my body and calm my mind.
I let myself become deeply still inside.

After the little let go, I feel all the stress is gone and I slip into the most profound places of peace, calm and stillness inside of myself which I cherish so much. It's like the little let go prepares me for the meditation.

If my meditation is in the morning then I take a few moments at the end to think about my day and formulate a prayer for the day that I try to hold close to my heart all day.

I have noticed when I do not do this type of meditation in the morning then stress builds up so much faster during the day. I am more calm during the day and I can focus better.

Thanks for reading my story. I love to hear from you if you tried it.

If you like more information about this type of meditation you can visit me at:
R&I Life Coaching

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