Prosperity and Abundance Subliminal Recording

Discover how you can attract prosperity and abundance easily and effortlessly today by tapping into the power of your SUBCONSCIOUS mind!

Secret Changes
subliminal affirmation
audio recordings
will help you experience
lasting changes
with virtually
no effort!

Would you like to draw prosperity and abundance into all areas of your life? Imagine how it would feel to have unlimited funds. Would you travel to exotic places? Would you live in a beautiful home on the beach? Drive a sports car?

If you are tired of living with scarcity, this subliminal is your answer! With this subliminal recording, you can draw abundance into your life and have the prosperity you deserve! You are not destined to be "average" all your life.

You can easily improve your life today!

Our subliminal audios are filled with positive personal statements (affirmations) recorded for the subconscious mind that are below the audible capacity of your conscious mind.

These audios are designed to gently “rewrite” certain subconscious limiting beliefs that you hold, in order to open the way for positive personal change. You will find yourself drifting into a relaxed state while the embedded subliminal affirmations take effect with minimal resistance and virtually no effort.

Psychoanalysis researchers believe that subliminal perception can be used effectively to access and manipulate the unconscious mind. It bypasses the defenses that block the way to the unconscious and can dramatically influence overt behavior. (Orbash 1995)

Listen to a sample here

Advantages of Being Abundant and Prosperous

Your time is your own

Live in your dream home

Freedom to travel

Take time to enjoy your hobbies

Have more free time to spend with your family and friends

No more punching a timecard

Never worry about your future

Put your kids in the best private schools

Vacation whenever you want

Able to give to people less fortunate


We are so confident that you will get extraordinary results; we offer a 90 day guarantee on all of our audio products! Just 21 days of continuous listening can bring profound results into your life.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return your CD (or email us if you purchased the mp3 download), for a complete refund of your purchase price. There are no questions asked and we don't charge any restocking fees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Only when you have a prosperous mindset will you start drawing prosperity and abundance into your life. This subliminal recording works remarkably well on its own, but even better when used together with the Prosperity and Abundance Audible Affirmations Recording. (For more information on the power of audible affirmations and to listen to a sample, click here ).

We want your success to come as quickly as possible. This is why we now offer a $10 discount when you buy both!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Buy now, and begin living a life of prosperity and abundance today!


Prosperity And Abundance Subliminal Affirmations MP3
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Prosperity And Abundance Audible Affirmations MP3
$17.95 USD
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Prosperity And Abundance Subliminal Affirmations CD
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Prosperity And Abundance Audible Affirmations CD
$19.95 USD
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