Prayer Journal

A prayer journal is a place to write your prayers or anything relating to your prayers. It can be used to express any inner spiritual thoughts, observations, reflections, and experiences.

Your journal can be kept in the form of a journaling book, a spiral notebook, a Word document or journaling software.

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Here are some tips on what to write in your journal:

Record Your Notes And Thoughts From A Sermon

Jot down or make a mental note of any spiritual references used in a sermon and then write these down, together with your personal reflections or thoughts on the sermon itself.

Special Scriptures

During your daily devotions and bible reading, take note of scriptures that touch you and record them, including your thoughts on these scriptures.

Prayer Requests

Write down any prayer requests of your own or from others. Doing so will help you remember the prayer requests when you say your prayers.

Prayers For Loved Ones

Use your journal to dedicate prayers to your loved ones. You can also write down any thoughts of concern you may have for your family and friends.

Keep A Record Of Answered Prayers

To record prayers that have been answered, you can either go back to the date when you wrote down the prayer request or make a new entry in your journal highlighting how the prayer had been answered, cross-referencing it with the original entry.

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