Overcoming Fear

Do You Have A Fear To Overcome?

Fear can be a debilitating thing. It can completely ruin your day or even, in some cases, your life! Overcoming fear can be a challenge, since fear can be a strong and powerful emotion. While sometimes a fear is very valid and can help preserve your life, there are other times it simply must be faced and dealt with in order to overcome.

Here are some effective strategies you can use in overcoming fear:

1. Indentify your fear If you can identify your fear, you're off to a good start in overcoming your fear. Ask yourself if whatever you fear can really hurt you. Begin to conquer your fear by determining if it is rational or irrational.

  • If you fear something, but it can't really harm you, then you're working with an irrational fear.

  • If it can hurt you, then there's validation in your fear. At the least, you can work out a backup plan that gives you some level of comfort.

2. Learn from others who have overcome this fear Whatever your fear is, there is someone else who has experienced it as well. Search out those people who share your feelings and learn from them. An example would be a fear of flying. If you are afraid of flying, you probably know people who have flown, so talk to them about it. It is quite possible they also had the same fear and may have had quite a challenge overcoming that fear. Ask them what steps they took in conquering their fear.

3. Confront your fear Although talking about your fear is the starting point, ultimately you need to face your fear head on. You'll never overcome a fear solely by talking about it. No fear can be overcome until you face it.

  • You don't have to face it alone. Reach out to your loved ones for support. They should be happy to help you in overcoming a fear that's preventing you from having a better life.
  • Find a safe way to confront your fear. Take a trusted person with you and start by facing a scaled down version of the thing that causes you anxiety.

4. Stop the fearful thought and replace it with something positive If you've convinced yourself that an irrational fear is real, you can do the same in reverse. Many fears we have are those we've created for ourselves. The moment something causes you to become fearful, stop that thought in its tracks and turn it into something positive instead.

5. The best defense is a strong offense Instead of hiding from your fear and creating defenses to keep it away from you, use the strategies you've read here to build up a way to attack your fear head on.

  • Research your fear and learn about it. 

  • Discover the best way to destroy it with a direct attack. 

  • Sometimes the best way to beat a fear is by doing the very thing you fear. If you're afraid of being in an elevator, take a close friend with you and ride an elevator. Even one or two floors at a time will help you work towards overcoming your fear.

  • Repeat your experiment until you aren't afraid of it anymore.

There are fears that are perfectly normal, and some fears can be helpful in certain circumstances. If a fear is controlling your life, however, you need to face it head on and conquer it. Once you overcome your fear, your life will become much more enjoyable and rewarding.

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