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There are so many effective ways to use a journal, that we have created this page, offering an easy way to read various news stories about using a journal, how others use theirs, and general useful information about journaling.

You can get ideas and inspiration about how to utilize this type of writing to reach your own goals.

Also, at the bottom of each journal news section, we're building a summary of visitor contributions and comments. We invite you to share your personal stories about how journaling has changed your life or helped you reach your goals.

Gratitude Journals In The News

13 Ways to Stay Sane in Your Job Search
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
One common way to ratchet up your focus on feeling thankful is to keep a gratitude journal. Every day, make a list of things you're grateful for. ...

Walking for research this weekend
West Linn Tidings
She continued, “One of the things I did in Australia was keep a gratitude journal. (Liam's parents) have done that. There are always great blessings amidst ...

Health Restoration Grow Old with Beauty and Grace or Masculinity and Strength
Savannah Tribune
Great ways to manage stress include hobbies, volunteering, listening to music, meditation, exercise, gardening, laughter, and keeping a gratitude journal. ...

Weight Loss Journals In the News

Food diary may boost weight loss
Chiropractic Economics
... to be more successful than those who had not kept a journal. Similarly, the more participants exercised, the greater their weight loss, on average...

Column: It's high time to cut the fat
Prescott Daily Courier
Keep a diet and exercise diary. Weight-loss drugs are available. Also surgery if you are very obese. Extreme obesity can lead to a decrease of oxygen in the ...

The best way to reach your weight-loss goal
Here are some simples steps that you can follow to ensure that you reach your weight loss goal. 1 – Keep a food diary every few weeks. ...

For a new you
The Hindu
Keeping a food diary is a proven weight loss tool. When you record what you're going to eat, it puts your dietary habits on pause long enough to decide if ...

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