Journal Writing

Journal writing, also known as creative journaling, is a very effective tool that can enhance your life and improve your wellbeing.

Once you begin to journal, you will be able to understand more about yourself. Journal writing is wonderful for self discovery.

Have you ever noticed how a third party, (someone who is “outside” of a situation) is typically able to be more objective? This is because they are not emotionally “charged”.

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Once you learn effective journal writing, this will allow you to be that objective party.

When you write down your feelings and thoughts about a situation, a person, an event – whatever you are experiencing at that time, you are writing from your emotional viewpoint.

Journaling becomes a compelling tool when you review what you wrote at a later point. You will be able to see the situation or event from a much more objective point of view, and can then grasp valuable insights about yourself, others, or a situation in general.

Journal writing is a powerful self help instrument, and when we understand how it works, its potential to expand our understanding of ourselves, and its power to heal us, grows significantly. There are many different types of journals, and each has its own purpose and effectiveness. Below is a list of various journals and how they can be empowering:

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Gratitude Journal
- Gratitude journals are one of my favorite types of journals. Writing in a gratitude journal conditions you to focus on and think about all of the things for which you are grateful and helps you keep a positive attitude.

Weight Loss Journal – When you journal about your weight loss goals, food you consumed, your emotional state at the time, as well as any exercise you accomplished, you stay more attentive of where you are in terms of your progress, and where you may be able to make adjustments to your weight loss plans for better success.

Goal Journal - Goals are accomplished more often when they are written down and when you have an effective method of tracking your progress. A goal journal helps you map out your progress and can keep you highly motivated.

Wellness Journal – If you are facing a serious or prolonged illness, it is normal to want to appear strong for your loved ones, and you may often avoid expressing what you are going through. Journal writing in a wellness journal can provide an effective outlet to express what you are experiencing physically as well as emotionally during this time. You can freely express your emotions such as anger, confusion, fear, or hope in your wellness journal.

Self-Discovery Journal – A self-discovery journal is used for self-reflection and problem solving. You begin by writing down your fears, self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, and any problems and issues you are experiencing. Then, you replace these damaging thoughts and beliefs in your journal with motivating and encouraging ideas.

Sobriety Journal – A sobriety journal can be a very valuable tool for alcohol or drug recovery. You can write about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and coping strategies to keep alcohol recovery and/or drug recovery a priority in your life, and prevent relapse.

Dream Journal - Keeping a dream journal is the most useful single step you can take to begin understanding your dreams and, in turn, yourself. Analyzing your dreams can lead you to personal discovery as well as a wealth of creative ideas.

Spiritual Journal – A spiritual journal normally involves recording your personal understanding of a spiritual or religious subject. Many people find a spiritual journal a source of strength and comfort during times of sorrow, heartache or personal hardship. Others find it a helpful way to record their growth and change as they continue on their spiritual journey.

Prayer Journal – Although similar to a spiritual journal, a prayer journal differs in that you simply record a collection of your daily thoughts and prayers in this journal. Favorite prayers are often recorded that have offered strength or understanding during difficult times.

Write Your Success Story - The main goal in writing your success story is to create a solid narrative that you can really visualize, make your own, and become part of. When you identify clearly with your purpose in life, you are much more likely to take action.

You will also have a solid reference point on paper. By writing your thoughts, feelings, and goals as a story, you’re giving yourself a plan to follow and a way to measure your achievements.

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