Inspirational Quotes

I love to share my favorite inspirational quotes. These have touched me, and I hope they will resonate for you, as well.

I have collected an array of inspirational and motivating quotes and positive phrases on several topics. The Law of Attraction quotes come from various well known authors and Law of Attraction authorities. These quotes are about attracting good things into your life through your thoughts. I find the gratitude quotes are wonderful to set in a place where I am able to read them when I first awake in the morning. There is no better way to start your day than with a feeling of gratitude.

If I’m feeling depressed or insecure, the self esteem quotes are inspiring to read, and remind me to focus on my self worth and value.

When I am feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, I get a real boost from reading the positive attitude quotes.

If I need motivation and want to increase my determination, the persistence quotes hit the spot with that little extra push that I need. The happiness quotes are always uplifting, and remind me that only I possess the choice about how happy and joyful my life is.

You might want to print some of your favorites from these inspirational quotes and motivating and inspirational phrases and tape them inside your bathroom medicine cabinet, closet, or even in your car. Then, even when you find yourself stuck in traffic, you can read the quote and adjust the way you feel.

We also offer a free inspirational quotes download page so that you can download these inspirational quotations in PDF format. Enjoy!

To see quotes about moving on, visit our friends at Daily Inspiration Quotes.

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