Improving Low Self Esteem

Improving low self esteem can only begin once you learn to accept and love the person you are. Unless you can do this, anything that you set out to achieve, including improving low self esteem, will eventually crumble, since you will likely question your own abilities. You've probably seen this happen with celebrities who seem to have the world at their feet, only to suffer public breakdowns under pressure.

Ways Of Improving Low Self Esteem

You don't have to live with low self esteem! We offer a unique variety of Personal Growth Products to help you raise your self esteem and assist you on your path to self improvement. In addition, further down the page we share with you some of the very effective methods you can use for boosting your self esteem.



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Get into the habit of continually thinking, feeling, saying and reading positive statements about yourself. There are a variety of methods you can use with affirmations. A few of my favorites are listed below:

  • listen to positive affirmation recordings on your computer or mp3 player (I recommend this for two reasons; it is easy and passive - and you can listen to the recordings while you go about your business or while you work on other projects).

  • write and post positive affirmation statements (or purchase positive affirmation cards) to areas you see throughout your day (imagine, every time you go into your closet, you read how successful you are becoming!)

  • write down positive thoughts about yourself in a journal. Studies have shown that this type of writing is extremely effective)

  • read inspirational quotes (reading inspirational quotes is an easy way to get you in that “frame of mind”)

Accentuate The Positive

Avoid focusing on the mistakes you have made in your life. Re-think every situation and try to see it as a lesson learned rather than a mistake made. Letting go of the past (and forgiving yourself for your mistakes) is an important step in improving your self-esteem.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

When you compare yourself with other people, you set yourself up for disappointment. First of all, none of us really knows what goes on with other people. Sometimes you may think someone has the perfect life, only to discover that they have some real issues that you knew nothing about. Yes, it is very easy to compare yourself to others, but instead, try to create your own agenda by accepting what you have and setting goals for what you would like to have in the future.

Recognize What You Can Change And What You Cannot

If there are things you are able to change about your life, take action and make those changes. For those things that you are unable to change about yourself, try to see them from a different perspective. No one else is exactly like you. No one has your exact talents and positive traits or your particular challenges and struggles. However, everyone has positive traits, and everyone has negative traits. No one is perfect, so change what you can, and accept with as much self-love as possible, those unique traits or shortcomings that you cannot change.

Mix With Positive And Supportive People

Some people are naturally negative. Unfortunately, their negativity can rub off on those around them. Try to surround yourself with people that are positive, supportive of you and your endeavours, and have a happy outlook on life. If you associate with positive, happy, supportive people, you will be more positive and maintain a happier outlook as a result.

Try New Things

Unless you try new things, you will never really know what other hidden talents you may have. Discovering new things about yourself and learning new skills can easily raise your self-esteem.

Aim For Accomplishments Rather Than Perfection

Set reasonable goals for yourself and do your best to achieve them. Never aim for perfection. Aiming for perfection will always result in disappointment. Instead, start by setting an important goal. After you reach that goal, you will feel good about yourself, and this will boost your self esteem. Once you have completed your first goal, move on to your next. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish, one goal at a time.

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