Goal Journal

Writing your goals in a goal journal is a great first step to achieving your goals. Simply writing your goals down will help you visualize reaching them, and can be a great motivator for reaching them.

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What To Write In Your Journal

    1. Write down short term goals – List at least five short-term goals for a given month. Keep these simple and easy to accomplish within this timeframe.

    2. Write down long term goals – List your long term goals with dates for reaching them. That could be next year, three years from the date, five years from the date, or even longer.

    3. Categorize your goals - You may want to list your goals according to a range of categories. These categories might include financial, career, relationships, family, health, home, travel, personal assets, personal growth, or self esteem, to name a few.

    3. Adjust or re-write your goals over time - Situations are likely to arise that require you to adjust a goal that you initially wrote down. That is fine. Just update your goal in your journal so that your revised goal is still written down.

    4. Record your progress - Take five or ten minutes every day before you go to bed, or if you prefer, in the morning as soon as you rise, to record the progress you are making on your goals, and jot down any notes about impediments to your progress and how you plan to overcome them.

Writing your goals down in your journal will help you to focus on them and bring you powerful results.

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