Dream Journal

Using a dream journal is a very useful method to help you remember your dreams and recall them in more detail. You can use your journal to study or interpret your dreams, as well as an aid to achieve lucid dreaming. Analyzing your dreams can lead to personal discovery as well as providing a wealth of creative ideas.

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The following are some tips about what to write in your dream journal:

  • Record the time and date of your dream, including the year. Since sleep has five cycles, your dreams usually have different themes in each cycle.

  • Create titles for your dreams according to the premise of each dream. Some themes tend to recur over a period of time.

  • Make a note of events that occurred during the day. Record your emotional state including worries, anger, irritations or any other type of heightened emotions. Note the correlation between your dreams and these events and feelings.

  • Record the highlights of your dreams as keywords, using words such hero, love, peace, death and so on.

  • Write down the details of your dream and if possible, even use photos or drawings to further illustrate the dream. Be sure to include any emotions you experienced during your dream as well as emotions you may experience while recording the dream in your journal.

  • Identify any recurring dreams or general recurring themes to your dreams by looking back through your journal. You may be able to see a pattern. When you have recurring dreams, they usually occur because of a certain issue, controversy, feeling or event that is happening in your life. Through recurring dreams, you can find areas within your life on which to focus on making changes and improvements.

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