Does Hypnosis Work?

You Bet It Does!

Does hypnosis work? Yes, hypnosis does work on most people. The only people who cannot be hypnotized are those who are unwilling to be hypnotized (you cannot be hypnotized against your will), a person who is drunk or on heavy drugs, or one with an extremely low IQ (scoring an IQ level under 70). For virtually everyone else, hypnosis does work, and can lead to wonderful results.

Hypnosis has become a popular method for people wanting to improve their lives. With hypnosis, you can eliminate virtually any bad habit or make major improvements in nearly any area of your life.

One of the best ways you can use the positive effects of hypnosis is to rid yourself of bad habits, especially those that can affect your health.

So, on what issues does hypnosis work the best? A multitude! Listed below are some of the most common issues where hypnosis can help you make positive changes in your life.

Eight Common Issues Where Hypnosis Can Help

    1. Stop Smoking Hypnosis has been used effectively to treat people desiring to quit smoking. Many experts agree that hypnosis is a superior method, because it doesn’t require the use of any medications, and most often does not cause withdrawal symptoms or weight gain that frequently accompanies smoking cessation attempts.

    2. Lose Weight Another major issue plaguing so many people today is the challenge of losing weight. Hypnosis has been used around the world effectively to help people manage their weight, learn to focus on and control eating habits, and even motivate individuals to exercise.

    3. Manage Stress Effectively managing stress is another way hypnosis can have a healthy, positive effect. Stress is a common issue, and when severe or chronic, can cause serious mental and physical problems.

    4. Gain Self-Confidence If your self confidence is less than what you would like, self hypnosis can help you feel more confident. When you feel more confident, you act more confident, and become more successful. Through visualizing yourself behaving in a confident manner under hypnosis, along with anchoring that wonderful feeling of all of your past experiences feeling confident, hypnosis helps you achieve this.

    5. Sleep Better Hypnosis can help a person sleep better, whether it's falling asleep or remaining asleep. Hypnosis works so well for insomnia because it deals directly with the cause of the problem, which is lack of relaxation. Hypnosis helps quiet a busy mind, as well as achieving a physical state of relaxation of the body.

    6. Enhance Your Natural Abilities Beyond helping eliminate bad habits, hypnosis can assist in enhancing a person’s natural abilities. For instance, for individuals wanting to improve their memory, hypnosis is a great option to increase focus and retain information. For those who want to enhance their athletic ability, sports performance can be improved dramatically in many areas, including style correction, technique, focus, and speed and strength.

    7. Remove Fears Whether it’s a fear of spiders, heights or flying, hypnosis can help you discover the cause, and then create new responses to the old triggers that caused the anxiety or fear, allowing you to be free of the limitation your fear may have caused.

    8. Chronic Pain Management Hypnosis was approved for clinical use by the American Medical Association as well as the British Medical Association in the 1950s, and is successfully used today for chronic pain management. A recent study suggests that hypnosis can actually change the way the brain processes pain signals, reducing the brain activity devoted to feelings of distress even while the pain sensations continue to be received (Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, 2004).

There are many ways you can obtain the amazing results hypnosis can provide you. You can learn self hypnosis (a valuable tool to achieve hypnosis on your own), or listen to hypnosis cds or downloads in the privacy and comfort of your home.

No matter what route you use to achieve hypnosis, you can reap the wonderful results this healing and natural process provides.

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