Depression And Psychotherapy

You want to overcome your depression and psychotherapy may have been suggested. What exactly is it, and is it the right treatment for you?

Depression is often not the kind of disorder that a person can effectively overcome on their own. Professional guidance, such as that of a therapist or psychologist, comes in many forms, but most of them are referred to as “psychotherapy” or “talk therapy.” This form of treatment relies on the patient sharing their feelings and experiences through the guidance and questions presented by the therapist.

A therapist can guide a patient through several different types of therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy.

One popular type of therapy used to treat depression is called cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. This type of therapy is often sought by patients who experience recurring thoughts of a negative nature. This could be anything from anxiety or worry to thoughts of harming oneself.

CBT is structured around the idea that a patient’s behavior and actions are a product of their own thoughts. Once the patient has been taught how to avoid or overcome unwanted thoughts, they should be able to reduce the emotional and physical stresses of depression.

Another well-used form of therapy is called interpersonal therapy. This type of therapy is short-term and generally focuses on one or two specific issues that seem to be most closely related to the depression. Often targeted issues include grief, role transition, and personal conflicts.

Interpersonal Therapy may not be successful for every case, however, studies have shown that it is as effective in the short term treatment of depression as anti-depressant medication.

The important thing is to find a counselor with whom you feel comfortable. Some allow a first appointment at no charge or at a reduced fee. It is important to feel comfortable and safe when divulging intimate details of your feelings or life. When you find the right counselor, you will typically know it from your level of comfort.

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