Secrets Of Creative Visualization To Achieve Success


What Are The Secrets Of Creative Visualization?

Once you learn the secrets of creative visualization, you will be able to accomplish so much more in your life.

Creative visualization is a method of using mental imagery to create positive changes in our lives. The secret to creative visualization is using this process or method consciously to realize your dreams and goals.

The universe and everything in it is made up of pure energy. Everything surrounding us, from physical objects to things we don’t see, like emotions or sound, is energy vibrating at differing rates.

In the same context, our bodies are made of energy, and give out energy in different forms, one of which is thoughts. The energy we give out in our thoughts can either be positive or negative, depending on the things on which we focus.

The thoughts that we think the most frequently, along with our deepest feelings, expectations and underlying attitudes and beliefs about life, are what we attract and what we ultimately create.

The secret to visualization is to create an internal reality, which will then allow us to attract and manifest it externally.

If we focus on negatives and visualize our problems, failures, frustrations and limitations, the energy we give out will be negative. If we continue to think negatively, our subconscious mind registers our thoughts as truth, and makes those thoughts a reality.

Focusing On The Good

When we focus on the good things we want to happen, we are creating a positive energy, which becomes the reality we desire.

The secrets to creative visualization are in understanding that our thoughts are reflected in our subconscious mind, which triggers the brain to go to work to achieve that desire. By making it a habit to think of the good things we want to achieve, and implanting them into our subconscious mind, it is possible to turn our desires into reality.

Another one of the secrets to visualization is that our wishes are created through visualizing them

Whether we are conscious of it or not, visualization is a technique that we all use in every facet of our daily lives, and if we choose to visualize on our strengths, successes, goals and desires, we will be using the secrets to visualization at its best.

Look Into The Future

Creative visualization, also called guided visualization or mental imagery, is a way of harnessing the power of our mind in a positive manner to achieve what we want in life. It involves looking into the future in a way that is very real and believable to our subconscious mind. Our thoughts should be about what we desire but have yet to accomplish.

Visualization is a powerful tool. People who practice creative visualization tend to be less stressed, have a more positive outlook on life, and are generally more successful. Applying the secrets to creative visualization with the following steps:

    1. Relax – Find a place where you can be alone, sit or lie down comfortably, and take slow, deep breaths. It helps your body relax, and in turn makes it easier for your mind to focus. Allow yourself to fall into a quieter, deeper level of consciousness, which puts you more in touch with your intuitive or creative self.

    2. Decide what you want – Everyone has different desires. One person may desire to travel the world, another might want to be at their perfect body weight, and yet another may want a beautiful home on the water. Your desires are as personal and individual as you are. Decide what it is you want to create.

    3. Close your eyes and picture your goal as vividly as possible – Close your eyes and begin to see the outcome you want to manifest. The picture formed in your mind should be filled with vivid details. For example, if you want a sports car, picture yourself climbing into your beautiful new car. See the color of paint, notice the personalized license plate with your name on it, imagine how the door feels when you open it. Feel yourself turning on the ignition. Hear how the motor purrs. Make your pictures as vivid and real as possible.

    4. Imagine having already achieved or received your desire – When you visualize, picture the object of your desire it as if it’s already manifested, and feel as intensely as possible your emotions with it achieved. Visualize yourself experiencing these emotions. Are you feeling proud? Are you feeling strong? Do you feel free and relaxed?

    5. Recite self-affirmations – Affirmations are one of the most important elements of creative visualization. A positive affirmation is a strong, positive statement that you repeat to yourself which states that something is already so. When you verbalize and visualize something repeatedly, it begins to sink in your mind, and becomes part of your subconscious. (See the positive affirmations page for help on how to correctly use affirmations). You may also want to use our pre-made audio affirmations. 6. Believe – For creative visualization to work, you must truly believe that your desire will indeed happen. Doubt is a negative energy, and there should be no room for it in your visualization. Do your best to clear away any mental blocks like fear or past failures, as they will impede the process of achieving what you desire.

While you work on your visualizations, let them do their work naturally, and do not interfere in the process (another of the secrets to creative visualization). That doesn’t mean you should do nothing – you should put forth effort and you should take advantage of opportunities that lead to achieving your goals. Just do not concern yourself about how or when they will come to you, simply know that they will.

See also: Using A Vision Board to discover how to use this very effective visualization tool to manifest what you want.

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