Causes Of Stress

Do you know the main causes of stress in your life?

It's helpful to know the causes of stress in your life. First we must define stress. The definition of stress has been explained as the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demands placed on them.

Different events, whether major upheavals or everyday situations, can cause stress in different people. Since we each have our own unique ways of coping with change, what is stressful to one person may not cause stress to another.

Most of the time, a combination of external events (or the anticipation of them) and how we see our own ability to deal with them will cause us to feel stress and exhibit symptoms of stress, Simply put, anything that requires us to adjust to a change in our environment is likely to cause stress.

Naturally, our body reacts to any such changes with physical, mental and emotional responses. Sometimes stress causes hives, weight gain, and even depression, to name a few. Stress can affect your overall health in many ways.

Typically, when we reach a point where the pressure of dealing with all of the issues facing us goes beyond our ability to cope, then stress will occur.

There are two main categories of stressors: external and internal.

Examples of stress causes that are external:

  • Physical environmental aspects such as noise, bright lights, heat, small, confined areas.

  • Negative dealings with people (social) including rudeness or aggression.

  • Organizational, including rules and regulations, "red tape," or deadlines.

  • Major life occurances such as a relative dying, a job loss, a promotion, or pregnancy/having a child.

  • Everyday aggravations such as traffic, misplacing your keys, car breaking down.

Examples of stress causes that are internal:

  • Excessively worrying about situations that you cannot control or change.

  • Health and lifestyle choices including caffeine, insufficient sleep, or an excessive schedule.

  • Negative self-talk including pessimistic thinking, over-analyzing, being self-critical.

  • Mind traps such as unrealistic expectations, taking things personally, all-or-nothing thinking, distorting reality, and unyielding thinking.

  • Stressful personality characteristics including “Type A” personality, perfectionist, workaholic, people pleaser.

With so many different causes of stress in our lives, the good news is that there are effective methods you can learn to manage stress and improve the quality of your life.

For a really quick and easy way to relieve some stress right now, try this puzzle. It is amazing how simple actions like playing stress reliever games can help as a quick stress reduction technique.

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