Attitude Of Gratitude

Discover an attitude of gratitude!

Whether it's by reading, writing, or giving, you can never experience too much gratitude. Being grateful chases away negative emotions as you focus on the positives in your life.

It is true that when you discover more gratitude in your life, everything in your life becomes sweeter. Simply by the act of being grateful, you will be more receptive to life's blessings, and these blessings will continue as you maintain this attitude.

Giving is always more rewarding than receiving. We can give in the form of money, time or resources. We can give in the form of love, mercy, service or forgiveness. It can be demonstrated through our words, behaviors, looks or deeds.

Many times we do not fully understand what our gift means to the receiver. It may have come as much needed help just at the right time. It may have rescued someone from acting in a way they would regret. It may have lifted someone up from failure to success.

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