Low Self-Esteem Effective Remedies

Are you suffering the mental crisis of low self-esteem?

If so, you want to find the most effective remedies for low self-esteem, and serious action should be taken to raise it before it leads to more serious conditions - for instance, depression.

What is it that you can do to revive your self-esteem?

Below are some remarkably simple yet effective steps for self esteem recovery to get yours back up where it belongs:

    1. Satisfy or Indulge Yourself -
    Eat whatever you want, play a sport you're most interested in, go to places that make you happy, take some interesting classes, even if it's not in your chosen field. Feeling good about what you are doing will help you feel good about yourself.

    2. Stay in Touch with Your Close Friends -
    Your good friends' encouragement and company can boost your confidence level. Seeing that other people feel positively towards you will help you feel positive about yourself.

    3. Whatever You Do Well, Do It Often -
    If you have a certain skill or talent where you excel, develop it more. If you see yourself becoming or performing better than others, that will really boost your self-esteem to greater heights.

    4. Do Whatever Reminds You that You are a Good, Brilliant, Capable, Responsible, and Caring Person -
    Especially when you experience the opposite feeling, doing what reminds you of your unique talents and how special you are will help you remember your value.

    5. Imagine Yourself as Successful -
    Visualize and imagine yourself as you want to be, whether it's successful, thin, healthy, rich, whatever it is, in as much detail and with as much feeling as possible.

    It is wonderful to get in the habit of doing this right before you fall asleep at night. It's amazing how much better you will feel, and closer to who you want to be, when you wake up in the morning.

    The "Supreme Self Confidence" hypnosis recordings work wonders. You can now boost your self confidence with self hypnosis easily and effectively, and they are thoroughly enjoyably.

    6. Safeguard and Maintain Good Health -
    This is the solid foundation upon which all self-improvement is built. When you are healthy, everything becomes easier to accomplish.

    7. Set Attainable Goals for Yourself -
    No matter how small or insignificant they may seem, every goal you hit, every new level you attain, is a success that builds your self-esteem. Make sure they are realistic and attainable, and then go for it!

    To learn more about goal setting steps, go to the goal setting steps page.

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