Affirmations for Healing

These positive affirmations for healing focus on health, feeling strong, and becoming as well as being well.

Designed to help you remove any limitations or struggles you may have, you can use these healing affirmations regularly to assist you in improving your health and growing strong and well.

Using these positive affirmations for health is an effective way to transform any negative beliefs and self talk into positive beliefs and self talk.

  • I am strong and healthy

  • My energy and vitality are increasing every day

  • I open to the natural flow of wellness now

  • I am receiving healing in all that I do

  • Abundant health and wellness are my birthright

  • I feel strong and healthy

  • I am feeling stronger and better now

  • My body heals quickly and easily

  • I love taking good care of myself

  • Today nurturing myself is my highest priority

  • I am balanced in mind, body and spirit

  • I feel more healed each day

  • I am healing every cell of my body at every moment

  • I deserve to be healed

  • I am healthy, healed, and whole

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