Affirmations For Being Assertive

Using positive affirmations for being assertive is an effective way to transform your negative thoughts and self talk about any lack of assertiveness you have into positive thoughts, beliefs and self talk.

We have a variety of different affirmations listed below. Use these positive affirmation statements regularly to become the assertive person you want to be.

  • I state my feelings with confidence

  • I am always treated with consideration and respect

  • I believe in and trust myself

  • I choose to respond to criticism in a constructive way

  • I see criticism as information that empowers me

  • I always feel safe and secure on the inside

  • I graciously accept compliments from others

  • I express my feelings and opinions honestly and openly

  • I have a powerful positive mental attitude

  • I allow others to make their own choices

  • Others may influence my decisions, but the final choice is mine

  • I feel powerful and confident

  • I know that my potential is unlimited

  • My assertiveness enriches my relationships

  • I feel comfortable with the decisions I make

  • My feelings of self esteem are strong

  • My feelings of self worth are strong

  • I have high self confidence

  • I realize I have the right to change my mind

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