Daily Positive Affirmations Cards

Why Daily Positive Affirmations Cards
Are So Effective

Everything you say and think is either a positive affirmation or a negative affirmation.

Each time you read your daily positive affirmations card, you are compelled to stay focused on your goal. The words of affirmation encourage an awareness of your thoughts and words, and remind you to modify your thoughts and words to reflect the positive message you are reading. The more you consciously insert the attitude of your positive affirmations into your daily thoughts and words, the more rapidly you will feel and see the changes happening.

Posting these positive phrases in your immediate surroundings is a great self-empowerment technique that can help you reprogram your subconscious mind and remove negative or limiting beliefs, allowing you to replace them with positive thoughts and constructive, encouraging self-talk messages.

Some ideas for where to post your daily positive affirmations cards:

  • Inside your medicine cabinet

  • On your closet door

  • Near your monitor at work

  • In your purse or briefcase

  • On your refrigerator

  • In your automobile

  • On your desk at school

  • Anywhere you are frequently
  • These are a great vehicle to help you lose weight or enhance your health, create more happiness in your life, attract love into your life, become abundant, reduce your stress, or any other goal you want to achieve.

    Secret Changes Daily Positive Affirmations Cards cover a variety of popular topics, with each topic consisting of a set of 7 cards - one for each day of the week.

    Each features a powerful affirmation beautifully written on a brightly colored floral background.

    Printed on sturdy stock and covered in a high gloss, they conveniently measure about the size of a postcard.

    Price: $5.00 per set of 7

    Choose an Affirmation Card Category:

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    Below Is A List Of Affirmations In Each Card Category

      Abundance Affirmations:

    • My wealth is increasing every day
    • My bank balance is always healthy
    • I am unlimited in my financial achievements
    • I am a money magnet
    • I prosper in everything I do
    • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
    • Abundance flows to me

      Love and Relationship Affirmations:

    • I give and receive love easily and joyfully
    • I love and approve of myself
    • Love comes to me easily and effortlessly
    • I deserve love and accept it now
    • I am a love magnet to the right partner
    • I welcome love into my life with open arms
    • I attract lasting, happy relationships into my life

      Affirmations for Success:

    • I easily achieve my goals
    • I am experiencing fantastic success
    • I am living my dream
    • I have everything I need to succeed
    • I am successful in all that I do
    • Success is mine to be enjoyed
    • I have absolute faith in my success

      Weight Loss Affirmations:

    • Today I naturally eat less
    • I deserve a trim, beautiful, fit and healthy body
    • I choose to eat only healthy foods
    • I enjoy exercising more each day
    • I become thinner today
    • Losing weight is effortless for me
    • Each day I move closer to my ideal weight

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