Abundance And Subconscious Beliefs

Abundance and subconscious beliefs are tightly connected. It's a fact that the amount of abundance you have in your life is directly related to your subconscious beliefs. A subconscious attraction, so to speak.

What first enters your mind when you witness someone purchasing bag upon bag of expensive designer clothes?

What impression do you immediately make about a person who drives up in a Rolls Royce and flashes their Rolex watch?

Do you view these affluent people as the “lucky ones”, spoiled, or even dishonest? Why did you automatically come to these conclusions?

Your subconscious mind is to blame, as it has cemented these viewpoints in your mind. You are communicating with the subconscious in ways you may not realize. Your abundance and subconscious beliefs go hand-in-hand.

Abundance And Subconscious vs. Conscious Beliefs

The mind holds two types of thoughts. They are your conscious thoughts and your subconscious thoughts. When a conscious thought and its corresponding subconscious thought agree, you get what you consciously want. When they disagree, you get what your subconscious wants or believes (subconscious attraction).

Your subconscious is the area of your mind that learns and forms reactions without your knowledge. It consists of your past experiences and is a sponge for learning new information.

Early Experiences, Abundance And Subconscious Beliefs

When it comes to money, early experiences may have formed a viewpoint of money or abundance that may be hard to shake. For example, your parents may have told you that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “money doesn’t come easily, you have to work hard for it”.

These beliefs can limit the amount of money you earn. You may feel guilty if you earn money quickly from a venture that ran smoothly. You know that others have had to struggle to make their money. This guilt can prevent you from becoming more abundant in the future because you engage in self sabotage without even realizing it. Your subconscious mind pulls you back and tells you that it “should” be harder to make money.

A common limiting belief when it comes to money is that you will never have enough of it. When you were growing up, how many times did your parents say that they couldn’t afford something? They may have focused on that and drilled into you that you would never be able to afford certain things, there was never enough, or perhaps that any type of extravagance was unfavorable.

These limiting beliefs find their way into your subconscious and stay rooted there for future action. Because of that past conditioning, you may avoid starting a business, for example, because you fear spending too much money, and then sabotage your potential for making more money by not taking that first step.

Another example of a limiting belief about money is that people who have a lot of money are unscrupulous or undeserving. You may have heard, “who needs that much?” or, “that’s just ridiculous, the amount of money they have”. This belief is destructive and stems from envy.

It’s impossible to attract abundance into your life when the subconscious mind holds negative or limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs are the reason you may be experiencing a lack of money in your life.

Reprogram Your Subconscious

While these limiting beliefs may exist, you have the power to change them. You have to reprogram your subconscious. An effective way to reprogram your subconscious is to first acknowledge that these limiting beliefs exist and then insert new, positive beliefs into your mind.

Once you acknowledge your limiting beliefs about money, write them all down in a notebook or journal, leaving a few lines free in between each. Try to think of every negative or limiting belief about money that you have.

As you finish, you may begin to recognize how abundance and subconscious beliefs are so closely related.

Review your list carefully. Start with your first belief. Let’s say the one on the top of your list is, “I have to work long hours to make a lot of money”. Your parents may have struggled to make ends meet when you were a child, worked long hours, maybe even on weekends. Okay, so you "witnessed" this belief in action.

Now think of someone, anyone you know, who makes a lot of money and does not work long hours. If you cannot think of someone you personally know, think of a well known person. Write down, under that limiting belief, “Larry Johnson (whomever you have chosen) works very little and makes a lot of money”.

It does not matter that Larry Johnson invented some intricate part for NASA, and you feel that you could never do that.

What DOES matter is that you are writing down an exception to a limiting belief and proving that it is NOT a universal “rule”. One exception proves that this belief doesn’t apply to everybody.

Go through your list, rewording your belief using the people who have made exceptions to that belief.

Once you are finished, make a new list, and include yourself in the reworded belief. So, to use the example above, for your new list, you would write, “Larry Johnson and I work very little and make a lot of money”. This is very effective in beginning to get rid of a limiting belief. You should open your journal and review these new statements frequently. When you practice holding onto these thoughts, they will eventually become your new beliefs.

In time, you can remove the other person from your affirmation, and just make the positive statement about yourself, stated in the first person.

Subconscious Attraction = Your New Beliefs

Once you have your new beliefs in place, you will be amazed at the abundance that will come your way. You will clearly see how your abundance and subconscious beliefs go hand-in-hand. The abundance in your life will be more plentiful than ever before with your new subconscious beliefs to guide you.

Whether you believe it is the Law Of Attraction at work, some other reason, or even pure coincidence is irrelevant. You create your reality. You will be open to new possibilities, and those possibilities will flow freely to you.

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