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Wouldn’t it be great if you could permanently change and improve the way you feel and think about yourself and the world around you as easily as you change your outfit or hairstyle?

This website is dedicated to helping you do just that, with valuable tools for personal growth and methods to help you create the life of success and happiness you desire. Have the emotional health you deserve.

Within the pages of this website, you will:

  • Discover steps to goal setting

  • Learn methods for building self esteem

  • Find useful self help and personal growth products

  • Get advice for how to deal with fear

  • Uncover the secrets to subliminal learning

  • And much more

    We all know that creating a change externally is easy. You can cut your hair, buy new clothes, or do any number of things to create an obvious external change.

    Creating this same change internally can be more challenging, but can also be more rewarding. This is what personal growth is all about.
    The negative thoughts and feelings you hold could be caused by unhappy childhood experiences, abuse, trauma, neglect, or any other damaging environment you may have survived.

    Do you ever beat yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made or opportunities you have let slip through your fingers because you didn’t have the courage to realize your dreams? Or maybe you get discouraged about finding someone who truly loves you for who you are? Do you have weight or body image issues? Or perhaps you are struggling financially or lack job satisfaction?

    Why struggle with self-doubt, weight issues, low self-esteem, bad habits or addictions for one more day?

    I am here to tell you that you don’t have to live in that negative, unfulfilling space any longer!

    As someone who has lived through childhood crisis and experienced tremendous struggles to restore my self-worth, I have come out the other side and am eager to share with you the personal growth techniques, strategies and resources I have discovered along my journey, and help you achieve the same level of happiness I have found in my own life.

    Useful tools and techniques shared in these pages:

    On the pages of this site you will also discover free self help books for instant download, free inspirational quotes to print, and other personal growth resources and links of interest we would love to share with you.

    You don’t have to be miserable another day!

    YOU can change the way you see yourself and the world around you!

    YOU can create a life filled with joy, happiness, success and self-worth!

    The mind is a powerful tool. Once you learn how to master your thoughts, you will be able to remove those limiting thoughts and behaviors that keep you from attaining all you desire in your life.

    Get ready to live your very best life! You deserve it, and there is no better time than NOW to begin your journey to self-worth, inner peace, happiness, and joyful living.

    It is never too late to become what you might have been.
    George Eliot

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    About Secret Changes
    About Secret Changes. Elle Jay is the owner and founder of, a personal growth website with tools and resources to help you improve your life.
    Depression Symptoms, Physical Symptoms of Depressions, Signs of Depression
    People manifest different depression symptoms, but one thing is certain: depression is a difficult illness that can destroy your life if left unresolved.
    definition of fear, types of fears, and what causes fear
    What is the definition of fear and what causes fear? Fear can limit our personal growth. Don't let it stop you! Learn how to overcome your fears.
    Dealing with getting rejected
    Dealing with getting rejected is sometimes very tough. Learn to cope with rejection.
    Gain Confidence and Boost Self Esteem in 5 Simple Steps
    Gain Confidence and Boost Self Esteem in 5 Simple Steps
    What Is Self Esteem? Self-Esteem, Esteem, Self Confidence
    What is self esteem? Our self esteem reflects what our subconscious believes is true about how worthy, valuable lovable, and capable we are.
    Causes Of Stress, Stress Causes, Main Causes of Stress
    Causes of stress. Learn the main causes of stress so you can learn to reduce stress in your life.
    Products For Personal Growth
    Products for Personal Growth - We have an exclusive selection of personal growth products. Come visit Secret Changes Personal Growth Store today!
    Daily Positive Affirmations Cards
    Our Daily Positive Affirmations Cards are a great tool for goal setting and positive thinking! Post these cards all over and keep your positive thoughts at the forefront of your mind each day.
    Positive Affirmation CDs
    Listen to positive affirmation cds and downloads. These recorded positive affirmation cds really work! You can choose from a number of audio affirmations recordings here.
    Audio Download Books for Self Help and Self Improvement
    Don't have time to read? Audio download books for self-help and self improvement can improve your life while driving in your car, cooking dinner, working out, or any other activity!
    Attitude Of Gratitude
    The items listed here are ALL ABOUT GRATITUDE. Give yourself or someone you love an "attitude of gratitude" gift today!
    Gratitude rock
    When we practice gratitude, more good things come to us. A gratitude rock is the perfect item to keep in your pocket or purse to remind you to count your blessings throughout your day!
    Self Hypnosis Downloads
    Self Hypnosis Downloads are an easy way to improve your life! We have self hypnosis online now.
    Journal Purchase
    Your Secret Changes journal purchase can be made here and you can record your thoughts, goals, ideas and more in this exquisite journal.
    Motivation Posters, Motivational Affirmations Posters
    We offer great motivation posters to help you enjoy a better life! We have many motivational affirmations posters from which to choose. Start living an inspired and motivated life today!
    subliminal positive affirmations
    You can use the power of your subconscious mind effortlessly by listening to subliminal positive affirmations in music. Discover how effortless change and self improvement can be!
    Positive Affirmations, Positve Self Talk, Daily Affirmations
    Positive affirmations, what they do and how they help you, with many useful examples.
    Goal Setting Steps, SMART Goals, Setting Smart Goals
    There are important goal setting steps that will help you accomplish your goals. It takes more to reach your goal than just thinking about them. You need to take action with the proper steps.
    Expressing Gratitude, Power of Gratitude, Giving Thanks, Blessings, Thankfulness
    Expressing gratitude is a powerful way of opening up to prosperity and abundance. The power of gratitude is enourmous.
    Does hypnosis work?
    Does hypnosis work? Hypnosis is very effective for most people. Find out if hypnosis will work for you.
    Improving Low Self Esteem, Self Improvement Products
    Do you want to learn ways for improving low self esteem? Here are some methods including Self Improvement Products.
    Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Sayings, Motivational Quotes
    Reading inspirational quotes and positive phrases can put you in a better frame of mind and help you feel great!
    Journal Writing, Journaling, Journal for Self Improvement and Self Discovery
    Journal writing can be very effective for self growth, and a powerful self-help instrument. There are many subjects about which you can journal.
    Universal Laws of Attraction, Laws of Attraction
    Learn what the Universal Laws of Attraction are, and how you can apply them to your life
    Overcoming fear
    Fear can be debilitating. Overcoming fear is never easy, but with effective strategies, you can overcome your fear.
    Stress Management Tips, Useful Tips for Reducing Stress
    Effective stress management tips. Although we cannot eliminate stress from our lives, we can learn useful tips for reducing stress.
    Subconscious Power, Subconscious, Minder Power, Subliminal Thought
    The subconscious power of your mind is incredible! Programming the subconscious and subconscious learning methods are easier than you think.
    The Secret, what is it? Laws of attraction, Manifestation
    What is The Secret all about? Who are these authors, and what makes them so special?
    Secrets Of Creative Visualization, Visualization, How To Visualize
    You can use the secrets of creative visualization to achieve dramatic success in any area of your life.
    Good Advice Tips
    Everyone can use some good advice now and then. Here you will find twenty-one valuable good advice tips that we have collected to share with you.
    Self Help Books Free Download, Self Help Ebooks
    Here is a collection of free self help books available for you to download.
    Newsletter Subscription, Personal Growth Ezine
    Secret Changes's personal growth newsletter (ezine) is dedicated to bringing subscribers spam-free newsletters packed full of useful information on personal growth.
    Free Inspirational Quotes To Print
    We offer you free inspirational quotes to print in a pdf download format. Print these inspiring quotations and read them whenever you need a boost!
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